About Us

The Cake Shop was established in 2010 as a bakery situated in a prime location in the Al-Sha’ab area. It initially began using the operation methods of a standard bakery, fresh cakes were made everyday and put on display and whatever was not sold by the end of the day would be removed from the shelves and would be categorized as waste.

During the same time, many customers came by and requested for customized cakes for their occasions whether they were birthdays, graduations, gatherings etc. and this idea triggered in the mind of the owners who tried to develop the idea of customized cakes further and decided to close down their Sha’ab branch and re-locate to the Shuwaikh area where they could turn their small bakery into a factory.

 As the production facilities were growing, and more employees were added to the production department and in the customer services department in addition to the logistics department, the trend in the food industry was changing, focusing more on the internet and social media and this came in the perfect time for The Cake Shop where this became one of the main sales platforms with websites such as Talabat and Carriage in addition to www.Thecakeshop.com.kw .

 As a cake factory, The Cake Shop managed to gain many loyal customers throughout the years, in addition to the many corporate deals they have with many of the major companies in Kuwait and continues to seek further challenges in the food industry.